[WEB APP] An online tool for interactive visualization of wind dispersal landscapes.

Particle trails

[VISUALIZATION] Illustrating the geography of wind and climate change.

Phylogeny & conservation

[WEB APP] The California Plant Phylodiversity Atlas.


[VISUALIZATION] Animating shifting sunlight over complex terrain.

Genetic isolation by wind

[PAPER] Global wind patterns shape genetic differentiation, asymmetric gene flow, and genetic diversity in trees.

Winds of change

[PAPER] Global wind patterns and the vulnerability of wind-dispersed species to climate change

The multidimensionality of climate vulnerability

[PAPER] Multiple axes of ecological vulnerability to climate change.

Growing an evolutionary tree

[VISUALIZATION] Animating phylogenies in R.

Seeds of change

[WEB APP] A predictive seed provenancing tool for ecological restoration.

Orb weaver

[VISUALIZATION] A bit of algorithmic art.

Conservation priorities for California plants

[PAPER] Facets of phylodiversity: evolutionary diversification, divergence, and survival as conservation targets.

The shape of the seasons

[VISUALIZATION] Exploring climate seasonality across space and time.

Multidimensional color ramps

[R PACKAGE] Tools for taking advantage of 3D colorspace.

Demographics of disaster

[WEB APP] Which populations bear the brunt of extreme weather? An interactive visualization.


[VISUALIZATION] An atlas of citizen naturalist observations.

Modeling California's coastal fog

[POSTER] Improving predictions of fog trends across space and time.

Animating climate change

[VISUALIZATION] How will climate types migrate across space?


[WEB APP] A tool to explore seasonal water balance patterns.