I was a non-presenting co-author of the following conference talks. I maintain this list mostly for my own reference.

  • Fuentes-Castillo, T., Kling, M., Ackerly, D., Scherson, R., and Pliscoff, P. (2019, Aug). Tree species distribution comparisons across latitudinal gradients on the Pacific coasts of North and South America under climate change. Talk presented at International Biogeography Society meeting, Quito, Ecuador.
  • Scherson, R., Fuentes-Castillo, T., Pliscoff, P., Roman M.J., Baldwin, B., Kling, M., Thornhill, T., Ackerly, D., and Mishler, B. (2019, Jul). Comparative spatial phylogenetics between Mediterranean Chile and California: a tale of two biodiversity hotspots. Paper presented at Botany Society of America meeting, Tucson, Arizona.
  • Skelton, R., Papper, P., Kling, M., Anderegg, L., Diaz, J., Delzon, S., Lamarque, L., Dawson, T., and Ackerly, D. (2019, May) The evolution and biogeography of drought resistance in oaks. Talk presented at Hennig XXXVIII symposium, Berkeley, California.
  • Meineke, E., Kling, M., Park, D., Willis, C., Davis, C., and Davies, T. (2019, Jan). Spatiotemporal links between phenology and herbivory of blueberries across the eastern US. Invited symposium talk presented at International Biogeography Society Meeting, Malaga, Spain.
  • Ackerly, D., M. Kling, M. Oldfather, and P. Papper (2018, Aug). Will plant communities change more quickly in refugia? A biogeographic and landscape perspective. Talk presented at Ecological Society of America, New Orleans, Louisiana.
  • Ackerly, D., M. Kling, M. Oldfather, and P. Papper (2018, Mar). Dispersal limitation will constrain community change more in hot and dry landscape locations: an analysis of California woodlands. Talk presented at International Biogeography Society, Evora, Portugal.
  • Auer, S., M. Kling, H. Hamilton, P. Comer, and R. Smyth (2016, Oct). Ecological forecasting: understanding climate change exposure and vegetation transitions. Talk presented at Natural Areas Conference, Davis, CA.
  • Gross, J., J. Morisette, M. Kling, M. Fernandez, and H. Hamilton (2016, Sept). Effective climate data visualizations for adaptation. Poster presented at IUCN World Conservation Congress, Honolulu, HI.
  • Stevens, J., and M. Kling (2016, Aug). The biogeography of fire regimes: a trait-based approach. Talk presented at Ecological Society of America Annual Meeting, Fort Lauderdale, FL.
  • Thornhill, A., B. Baldwin, W. Freyman, S. Nosratinia, N. Morueta-Holme, M. Kling, D. Baxter, T. Madsen, D. Ackerly, and B. Mishler (2016, Aug). Hotspots of phylogenetic richness and endemism in the California flora. Talk presented at the Botany Conference, Savannah, GA.
  • Mishler, B., A. Thornhill, M. Kling, W. Freyman, D. Ackerly, and B. Baldwin (2016, Aug). Patterns of beta-diversity in the California vascular flora, comparing species-based and phylogenetic turnover measures. Talk presented at the Botany Conference, Savannah, GA.
  • Hamilton, H., P. Comer, S. Auer, and M. Kling (2016, Jul). Current trends in climate exposure for sagebrush ecosystems in the western U.S. Talk presented at North American Congress for Conservation Biology, Madison, WI.
  • Hamilton, H., S. Auer, M. Kling, and P. Comer (2015, Nov). Influence of recent climate change exposure on Great Basin pinyon-juniper woodland and landscape vulnerability. Talk presented at Society of American Foresters Annual Meeting, Baton Rouge, LA.